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Grow Asia has launched four public-private impact funds to accelerate sustainable agricultural transformation in Southeast Asia.


These Impact Funds will channel more than USD 20M over the next three years into strengthening Southeast Asia’s food, agriculture, and forestry sectors.

The funds serve as a co-matching mechanism between public-sector funding and private-sector investments. This innovative blended-finance model ensures public funds are channelled into programs with long-term commercial impact for Southeast Asia’s farmers and rural enterprises, and private investments are channelled into programs with positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes.

Unlike conventional impact funds managed by investment managers who make equity or debt investments with the intent of delivering financial returns alongside social or environmental gains, Grow Asia's Impact Funds seek to maximize impact over returns.

  • GrowVentures (USD 5.75M) is accelerating the adoption of climate-smart innovations, placing digital solutions into the hands of farmers. Learn more.

  • GrowHer (USD 5.6M) is amplifying the business case for women's economic empowerment, incentivizing public and private investment into actions, practices, and policiesthat accelerate diversity and inclusion. Learn more.

  • GrowRight (USD 6.6M) is supporting accredited training and investor matching initiatives that promote more sustainable investments and green finance mechanisms in Southeast Asia’s agri-food sector. Learn more.

  • GrowBeyond (USD 10M) is driving the development of a blended finance facility and deploying training at scale that will empower small businesses to accelerate climate change adaptation and resilience. Learn more.

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