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Fostering Inclusive Growth: Grow Asia's Insights at the UNESCAP Impact Harvest Forum

Yesterday, Grow Asia's Executive Director Beverley Postma spoke at the United Nations ESCAP Impact Harvest Forum at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok.

During the opening high-level panel on Policy Perspectives on Fostering Inclusive Business Growth, Bev shared insights on adopting market-led approaches to achieve scalable impact for agri-food investments.

With less than nine planting seasons before the UN SDG deadline of 2030, Bev stressed the importance of uniting uncommon actors across diverse value chains, to harness capital flows, and defragment investment pathways to accelerate the transition to inclusive business models.

She explained how Grow Asia’s new impact funds were designed to disrupt silos by deploying blended impact investments through a suite of repeatable closed-loop loan facilities that will channel both technical assistance and affordable finance to farmers and SMEs in a more scalable and sustainable way.

We thank Jonathan WongJayesh Ranjan, Trinh Thi Huong, and Bradley Kopsick for the insightful conversation. As we move forward, we are committed to building on the momentum gathered to create more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient food systems.

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