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Insan Syafaat
Executive Director


Insan Syafaat currently serves as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Indonesia’s Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro) – Grow Asia’s Country Partnership in Indonesia. As Executive Director, Insan is responsible for overseeing the PISAgro Secretariat, planning its sustainable strategy, and ensuring the implementation of PISAgro’s vision and mission with the support of its partners and Working Group members.


Insan has an extensive background in the policy, strategic planning and agriculture space, including 5 years of experience in the sustainable agriculture policy and implementation space. Prior to leading PISAgro, Insan was with the Sustainability and Strategic Stakeholders Engagement team of Sinar Mas. During his tenure with the conglomerate Insan oversaw several multi-stakeholder projects, including those around commodity replanting and those with a landscape or jurisdictional approach. This experience molded his ability to work with people from different backgrounds.


Insan holds a master’s degree in International Business Management from Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom and a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia.


You can reach Insan at

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